Finding a Better Soy Milk

A good milk, like just about any other decent food product, is hard to find! Although I’d prefer to drink a nice fattening milk from free-range, grass fed cows or goats, that isn’t going to happen right now because of my allergies. With everything I consume, rotating foods is very important, so I’m currently rotating between soy, hemp, and coconut milks. Although I don’t drink much milk, those times I do have it are very important – a splash in my morning coffee, an occasional frosty fruit smoothie, and the rare baked good are part of what makes life happy.

I try to avoid nut milks because of nut sensitivities, and only allow these as a special treat. I’m not convinced that any of these milks are that healthy unless they’re homemade, but who has time to make their own milk? So I’ve looked high and low for the best store-bought milks. So far, I’ve found only one that meets my standards, which are as follows:

1) My non-dairy milk must be non-GMO. While I understand if others choose to consume GMO foods, I try to limit my consumption of GMOs as much as possible. I don’t care if there isn’t a whole lot of data yet on the effects of GMOs. The fact is, GMOs haven’t been around long enough to study the effects on a generation of GMO consumers. Would I rather take the chance and consume GMOs, based entirely on FDA assurance that they are safe? No way. For me, the FDA and the government-subsidized food industry are too intertwined to win my trust. As someone with a “rare” corn allergy, I have done a lot of research and seen the numbers of corn allergy steadily rising. Is it a coincidence that these numbers correspond with the marked increase in GMO corn-derivatives in all of our foods? Perhaps, but I’m not taking any chances with my health, especially knowing how sensitive my body is to food.

2) My non-dairy milk must be mild and work for coffee and bakingMy favorite non-dairy milk option is soy milk. I like the mild taste, find it works well with baking, and enjoy the fact that it has a decent amount of protein. Soy does have some health implications, and I do think it should be consumed moderately.

3) My non-dairy milk must be low-fatI consume plenty of healthy fats, and don’t feel the need to add more. If I’m going to add some fattening (but protein packed) hemp to something, for example, I’d prefer eating it in my protein bars than drinking it in my coffee.

4) My non-dairy milk must contain minimal “fillers”The fewer chemicals, stabilizers, “flavoring” and whatever else the food industry throws into foods to make them into addictive frankenfoods, the better.

So the winner of my non-dairy milk challenge (thus far) is:Westsoy! Non GMO, unsweetened soymilkHere is the all important ingredient list. You can see there is actually nothing but soybeans in this soy milk: Why is this such a big deal?

Other store bought soy milks contain ingredients like cane sugar, carrageenan, added vitamins, and the every mysterious natural flavor, none of which are necessary.

Have you found a great non-dairy milk alternative?

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