Here We Go Again

Aside from the fact that it’s my birthday, the 21st of May sticks out in my mind because I’ve spoken that particular date aloud far more times than any other throughout my life. For that reason, when May 21st actually rolls around it feels totally over-hyped. Maybe it’s because as a kid I (as any other kid) put so much excitement and anticipation toward that day.

Who wouldn’t though? Cake, balloons, party dresses, pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey… there’s nothing to dislike about those things. But these days, I find far more enjoyment in spending my birthday with a few friends in a low-key environment, just enjoying the different stages I’m at in my life every time the 21st of May rolls around. You might say this is because I’ve outgrown pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey, but I’d attribute it more to the fact that I’ve got more birthdays now that I can remember than when I was 12 (well, in theory I should remember them all…), which is a lot better suited for reflection.

I do like big parties on birthdays, but I also think that not every year requires one. This year, with my boyfriend in Australia, my parents in Germany, my sister in Ottawa, and me getting ready to move out of Vancouver, it seems a subdued day of shopping and brunch with some girlfriends is just what I need. But next year? I’ll be preparing for my first birthday in autumn (which is completely and totally weird), and I’m just dying to have a party with a spread as nice as the one pictured.

I mean, could you imagine? Cake pops and chocolate and so many other treats laid out so perfect and pretty. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t excited to be in an apartment where hosting a party is possible, even if it’s only a party for 8. So, this year I’ll be counting my lucky stars for all of the things that happened while I was 24, and today I’m looking forward to the year ahead: may it be filled with sunshine, adventure, and a little bit of crazy. Oh, and nautical stripes. I really will never get over nautical stripes.Update: I’m being featured over on Something Fabulous today, what a lovely birthday surprise! Head on over and check it out here!