How To Buy Targeted Traffic For Your Website

Have you ever been to one of those websites that try to sell you targeted traffic. You know, the ones that say Buy Targeted Traffic and watch your sales sky rocket. Well, relax and sit back and continue reading, I can assure you, that there is a way to determine what traffic sources are right for you.

First let us address the issue of What is the difference between targeted traffic and just plain traffic? The difference really comes down to sales and signups. People who are visiting your site because they want what you have, are more likely to stay and buy than those who found you by chance. For example someone searching for ‘buy targeted traffic’ is going to be a more targeted visitor on a targeted traffic site than one who searched for say ‘traffic school’.

So the first lesson we learn about how to buy targeted traffic is to ensure that the packages come with categories that you can target and or specific countries that you can target. Only buy targeted traffic that is category and or country specific.

Second, you need to ensure they have reliable traffic stats for their packages. Traffic stats tell you how many visitors have been sent. Don’t rely fully on this. Make sure you have an independent third party traffic counter. This is usually provided by your hosting account. If your hosting account has CPANEL then you will have AWSTATS. AWSTATS will enable you to see what countries your traffic is coming from. This is important since you dont want to be getting your traffic from China or India. They just wont be able to read your english, german, or spanish site let alone buy anything.

Third, make sure you only buy guaranteed web site traffic. This is usually on a pro rata basis. i.e. if you are unhappy at any stage while your campaign is running, then you can ask for a refund on what traffic is remaining. For example if you bought 20,000 visitors and you decided to cancel after 5,000 visitors had been delivered to your web site. Then you would get a refund on the remaining 15,000 visitors, not the full 20,000.

Fourthly, ensure they have testimonials, and read them. If others are happy about their services, then this is a good indication that you can buy targeted traffic from them that is genuine.

Fifthly, Check to see that they have contact details and a privacy policy. This usually separates the pros from the fly-by-nighters. Contact them using their email address. Ask them a question. Make sure they reply and that they answer your question professionally.

In summary:

· Buy Targeted Traffic from genuine sources.

· Only buy guaranteed web site traffic.

· Ensure they have categories.

· Check testimonials.

· Check Contact Details and Privacy Policy.