Polyurethane & Polyurea Coating Purposes are Limited only by simply Your Imagination.

ArmorThane polyurethane material and polyurea products are everlasting sprayed-on coatings that will secure your surfaces. With a lot of applications our polyurethane material and polyurea coatings are usually suitable for commercial, residential, marine, automotive, armed service make use of and more. Available around ruthless and low tension software, view the functions of ArmorThane’s polyurethane and even polyurea spray on coatings below or search case in point applications and included merchandise.

Types of ArmorThane Goods
We have equally broad-spectrum films and ones using particular problem-solving attributes. Back link to POLYUREA in order to learn more or even easily call us with your issues and we will help an individual select the best product choice.

Basic Polyurethane ~ Bed Liner, Vehicle, Marine, Devices
Broad Spectrum Désagrégation and Chemical Resistant Polyurethane material
Bendable Polyurethane – Effortlessly Milled, Transportation
Fire Proof Polyurethane material – Healthcare, Colleges
Polyurethane Expanding Foam – Insulating material
Roll-on Coatings ~ Surfaces, Driveways and Outside patio’s
Large Spectrum Polyurea : Scratching / Chemical Resistant, Watertight
High Corrosion and Chemical type Resistant Industrial Energy Polyurea – Oil plus Fuel
High Friction Don Resilient Polyurea – Mining
Aluminum coated, Reflective Polyurea ~ Roofer
Extremely Pliable : Transportation
Extremely Rigid Polyurea – Coating Foam
Wetness Remedied Polyurea – Cleanliness, Damp Environments
Potable Waters Good Polyurea – Tanks, Pipes, Food
Fire Proof Polyurea : Healthcare, Universities, Sector
Fall Resistant Polyurea – Safe practices, Transportation
Shot Mitigation Films – Armed service, Public Security
UV Color Coating Safety – Disappear Proof Floors
Sprayed On Coating Attributes
Polyurethane in addition to polyurea are usually more durable than rubber or paint.

Bendable in all climate conditions; little or no softening in heating or even becoming brittle at frosty
Holds up in temperature from -80°F to 280°F
Stretches 3 times their size without breaking
Water-resistant barriers to endure corrosion, creating
Quick dry makes it possible for effortless application
Defends superior have on areas
Dent together with scuff resistant
No chipping or peeling
Chemical tolerant
Minimizes noise and gerüttel
Polyurethane material and Polyurea Solutions Are Verified Safe
Solvent-free so not explosive or maybe an the environmental hazard; no VOCs or even CFCs
Secure options for pasable waters containers
Slip together with skid resistant
ArmorThane Coatings Give the Look You Need
Variety of base colors
Exclusive GOOD ColorCoat system with regard to a custom-made match to any manufacturer’s auto color
UV ColorCoat stability keeps the look even around prolonged direct sunlight
Artwork and showing applications
Utilized thickness including only 1/16″ to 4″ depending in the need
Easy to be able to clean